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Gaming what hardware is essential for playing well on a PC

If for some, playing video games is just a leisure activity, for others, it truly represents a job. Whether you are a PC video game enthusiast or professional, there are accessories beyond controllers that are essential to a good experience. This article covers some of the most necessary ones.

Treat yourself to a quality gaming PC

The gaming PC is a computer specially designed for video games. This is the first piece of equipment you need to equip yourself with. Accessories such as mice, mats, or gaming chairs are all also essential for good gaming experiences. Why a gaming PC? Apart from the fact that it is conditioned for gaming, a kid’s PC offers fluidity, comfort, and performance to players. This type of PC has capabilities and power beyond ordinary computers.

In addition, a gaming PC is made for intensive use. It is therefore necessary that you choose one that meets your needs in terms of gaming ambition. Here are some characteristics that you can highlight:

  • A GTX graphics card greater than or equal to 1060;
  • A core i5 or i7 processor;
  • A RAM of at least 16 GB of RAM;
  • A Z270 or A370/B350 or X370 motherboard.

The speed of your gaming PC is also a criterion that should not be overlooked in your choice. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for a PC with an SSD drive .

A screen that matches your gaming ambitions

The quality of the visual rendering is very crucial in a video game. For this, investing in a high-performance screen is a necessity. For quality immersion, professionals recommend a gaming screen between 24 and 34 inches and you will understand why.

If you play games such as Assassin’s Creed or Final Fantasy, a 32-inch screen will allow you complete immersion. Indeed, the large size of the screen helps you enjoy the careful graphics of video games. Better yet, if your chair is far from your screen, a screen of this size will serve you well. It will also facilitate your multi-player sessions. However, 32-inch gaming monitors are not recommended for competitive gaming. They prevent you from having a complete view of the display surface. Which will be of no use to you.

As for the 24 and 27-inch screens, they also offer exceptional visual comfort, especially for gamers who stay away from their monitor. With a diameter of 69 centimeters, 27-inch screens are recommended for competitive action games. Even though they have a slightly smaller diameter (61 cm) compared to 27 inches, 24-inch screens make it easier to monitor the game data displayed.

Opt for a keyboard suitable for gaming

As you can guess, if there are PCs designed for gaming, there are also keyboards particularly designed to make life easier for PC video game players. These are indeed mechanical keyboards. They offer precision, responsiveness, and solidity. They allow you to program macros and quickly operate the keys. They are also equipped with an RGB lighting system.

Choose a gaming mouse

If most professional gamers prefer the mouse to the controller, it is because video games generally require great precision. So, a good mouse will allow you to be more precise in your movements. To choose your gaming mouse, take into account its shape, its weight, its resolution in points per inch, the number of buttons, etc.

A mouse pad is required

The mouse pad is another essential for gamers. It protects your gaming desk from scratches and cracks. Gaming without a mouse pad can damage the integrity of your desk surface. For this reason, it is advisable to invest in an XXL mouse pad. Make sure your mat has a non-slip base. The latter allows the mat to remain stable during movements on the mouse.

Equip yourself with a gaming headset

The headset is a very useful accessory for the gamer. It allows total immersion of the player. In addition, it prevents you from disturbing those around you with the sound environment and prevents your neighborhood from also distracting you while you play. For those who play online, a headset with a microphone is recommended.

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